Government Bonus Or Just a Fast Cash Loan?

Australia is one of the many places in the world to be faced with a recession. Brought on by big spending and failed regulations, the government's idea to counteract the downturn is to spend more money and implement even more regulations. Sounds like a winning formula, doesn't it? Obviously, this is sarcasm. Nobody in their right mind would think that throwing gasoline on a fire is an effective method for extinguishing the flame. But leave it to the government to think they know how to handle finances. That's like letting your 14-year-old kid handle the bills at your house: He thinks he's smart enough, but if you give him a long enough leash you'll all be sleeping in a van down by the river.

In order to sweeten the pot, the powers-that-be are throwing some Australian residents a stimulus check. Nice, huh? Did you get yours? Are you in line to receive one? Could you care less about this money? Some people know the truth about this money, and they view it as nothing more than a fast cash loan from a one-body banking system.

When the government says, "We're going to give you money," millions of people stand up and cheer, but some realize that the government's money isn't theirs to give. In fact, receiving a stimulus package from the government is basically receiving your own money. You're the one whose taxes paid for this. And you're the one whose taxes are going to keep paying for it. It's not like this money's coming out of thin air - it was yours to begin with and you've basically just granted yourself a fast cash loan.

Regardless of where the money belongs and/or who is belongs to, one thing's for certain: Millions of Australians could use a quick cash loan to help with some overdue bills, car repairs, etc. It's not like the money's going to go to waste... if it's ever passed that is. If you're on line to receive a check, you shouldn't look the gift horse in the mouth here. Take the money; spend it on what's needed. Because even if you don't, you'll still be paying for it anyway, so you may as well put it to a good cause while you have the chance.

If you're not receiving any money but could still use a quick cash injection, you can always look to a fast cash personal loan. Instead of relying on the government to "give" you something, there are providers out there who can equip you with cash in little under an hour, and repay the debt in weeks not months or years and you're debt free again.

Not everyone has the time to wait around for a check that may never come. Taking out your own fast cash loan can fix some immediate financial troubles you're having. And since the debt will be repaid in months, there's no worrying about years of financial commitment.


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